Sliding patio doors price guides

Sliding patio doors price guides

What to consider when pricing a sliding patio door

Sliding patio doors price guidesSliding patio doors are an excellent addition to a home because they give excellent access to the outside, provide a really good external view and bring more natural light into the home.

But what about the costs of sliding patio doors?

It’s worthwhile giving a bit of thought to what you want before you rush out and buy the first set of doors you see, some design elements add cost, but are not really vital, but a cheap sliding patio door might not have all the essential features as standard.

Things you need to have:

  1. Toughened glass – this is essential for safety and to meet building regulations in the UK.
  2. Internal beading – this stops burglars removing the glass from the outside.
  3. D-pad handle & multi-point locks
  4. Anti-lift tracks – again to stop burglars, this time from levering the doors out of the frame,
  5. Double glazing – as a minimum standard C-rated double glazed units should be used.

Your sliding patio door quotation should indicate all the features included in the price, but don’t forget about the guarantees on the product and the installation work. Check out this website for info and prices: