Guide to Double Glazing Costs Online

Guide to Double Glazing Costs Online

Prices and designs for double glazing windows

Double Glazing Costs OnlineYou have a few choices when it comes to double glazing windows –  in the way they look, the way they function and how energy efficient they are.

Look & function

  • Side opening like casement or French windows
  • Top opening like hopper windows
  • Bottom opening like awning windows
  • Vertical sliding like sash windows
  • Side sliding like bifold windows

Energy efficiency

Each window design will have varying examples of energy efficiency, and that can be seem by looking a the rating awarded by BFRC  (British Fenestration Rating Council).

A highly efficient window unit, in fact the highest, will have an A++ rating, the lowest rating will be G – Building regulations in the UK stipulate that a rating of C is the lowest able to meet the current acceptable standards.

Double Glazing Cost

In terms of prices, upvc or softwood windows are the cheapest, with hardwood and aluminium being the costliest  A++ rated double glazing windows will be the most expensive to buy and fit. See more here: